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Frozen Seafood
Wholesalers in Canada

Sea Ray Seafood was founded in 1996 with the view of sourcing fish from waters of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and lakes from around the world. Today we are frozen fish & seafood wholesalers and importers in Canada, and are active all over North America. We maintain inventory in cold storage locations in Canada to serve the local markets. We are also suppliers of frozen fish & seafood to the U.S. market.

Whether you are looking for Canadian lobster or snow crab, pike perch from Eastern Europe or salmon from Chile, we have what you need. How about Moroccan octopus? Or warm water lobster tails? We’ve got that too. And that’s just the beginning. Did you know we were the very first importer in Canada to offer Basa fillets from Vietnam, more than a dozen years ago? And that we even gave it it’s official name in Canada?

Our commitment is to serve our clients the finest frozen fish & seafood at competitive prices. We accomplish this by being cost efficient seafood importers & wholesalers and without expensive programs. We believe in transparency, honesty and a fair playing field. All our products are quality based and 100% net weight. We are known as quality seafood wholesalers in Canada.

Our philosophy is to partner with our customers to provide service and quality to maintain minimum food costs for the end user. We have developed long-lasting relationships with suppliers as well as customers, making us strong seafood wholesalers in Canada, and an ally in sourcing quality fish & seafood at fair prices.

We are also fans of fish & seafood and we love to come up with new ways to prepare them for our families. Check out our quick and easy recipes like octopus salad, fried calamari or baked cod with sundried tomato pesto.

Sea-Ray Seafood is a proud member of the Fisheries Council of Canada .

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